catatan: gpfs on linux node

cuma catatan installasi gpfs di linux nodes (client side)…

  1. make sure ssh connection between gpfs server and client.. kalau perlu tambahkan “StrictHostKeyChecking no” pada sebuah file “config” dalam folder “.ssh”
  2. install gpfs base rpm
  3. install gpfs update rpm
  4. building gpfs portability layer… it needs package kernel-smp-devel-<uname -r>.EL
    cd /usr/lpp/mmfs/src
    make Autoconfig
    export SHARKCLONEROOT='pwd'
    make World
    make InstallImages

    this will build some binaries in /usr/lpp/mmfs/bin
  5. at the server side, add client for gpfs service
    mmaddnode <node>
  6. at the client side, run mmstartup

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