catatan: gpfs on windows node

Here’s a general installation procedure

  1. Create AD Domain User account “root”
  2. Add root account to windows 2008 server administrators group
  3. Logon with root account
  4. Disable Windows UAC – REBOOT
  5. Disable Windows Firewall
  6. Install Role – Services for Network File System
  7. Install Feature – Subsystem for UNIX-Based Applications
  8. Download “Utilities and SDK for UNIX-based Applications_AMD64”
    Start > Program > Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications > Download Utilities for Subsystem …
    Select All Components
    Select All Unix features – SuToRoot, setuid, case sensitive
  9. Install Boostrap Installer
    run pkg-2.10.9-bootstrap60x64.exe – accept install updates
  10. Install OpenSSH
    open a C shell
    $ pkg_update -L openssh (require internet connectivity)
  11. Create ssh key and configure passwordless logon with other cluster nodes
  12. run GPFS-3.3.Windows-cz1rpen.msi – REBOOT
  13. uninstall gpfs 3.3 using “add/remove programs”
  14. install gpfs-
  15. Launch C Shell
    chown -R root /var/mmfs
    chown -R root /var/adm/log
    chown -R root /var/adm/ras
    chown -R root /usr/lpp/mmfs
  16. Activate GPFS win service,
    mmwinservctl set --account <rootaccount> --password <rootpassword>
    mmwinservctl enable
  17. On GPFS cluster manager,
    mmaddnode <win-node>
  18. Back to win node,
    mmmount <device> <driveLetter>
  19. error log is in /var/adm/ras/mmfs.log.latest

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