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  1. Double data type is only supported on CUDA device which has compute capability 1.3. Use device query application to check your device capability.
  2. The following error message often appears when compiling a CUDA file (*.cu) in Visual C++ Express on a XP 64-bit machine and using CUDA toolkit 64-bit.
  3. "fatal error LNK1112: module machine type 'X64' conflicts with target machine type 'x86'"

    By default, Visual Express can only compile your program as 32-bit application. Since our CUDA toolkit type is 64-bit, then nvcc will compile your CUDA file as a 64-bit application. So, the error message warns this mismatch.

    To solve this, we have to add an extra option on NVCC when compiling a CUDA file. Go to Properties of our project, then in CUDA Build Rule v3.x.x >> General, add “–machine 32” (without quotation mark) in Extra Options column.

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  1. gw pengen cobain cuda ini euy, bosen gw, mau cari maenan baru, cuma ga ada komputer yg bisa gw pake, di sini ada beberapa i7 n vga cardnya canggih2 cuma dipake buat mrogram biasa2 aja sama maen game @@, gw dikasih komputer biasa doang.. :((
    eh, asal laptopnya pake vga card nVidia dedicated gitu bisa dipake kan ya guh?

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