supercomputing on android phone..

Dulu pas di Taiwan, pernah iseng-iseng ngbayangin, mungkin ga ya supercomputing / HPC / parallel computing di hape.. Eh, ternyata beneran, bukan awak sendiri yang punya pikiran kayak gitu… nemu artikel gini nih.. keren.. keren.. ampun dah..

Researchers headed by David Knezevic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in association with staff at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) have come up with an amazing application that can perform supercomputing calculations in real-time on your smartphone in any location, anytime! They were able to perform real-time simulations for complicated engineering problems on a Google Android smartphone. They were able to come-up with a series of high-fidelity simulation/algorithm on the Ranger supercomputer, which was scaled down for the smartphone platform. With this application they were able to solve complex problems on the Google Android phone and display the result interactively.

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