Installing CUDA 7.5 for Tesla M40 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

Install Driver

  1. Download Tesla driver ( )
  2. Move to runlevel 3
    $ telinit 3

  3. Stop lightdm service
    $ service lightdm stop

  4. Change file mode of the driver package
    $ chmod +x

5. Install driver without opengl driver
$ ./ --no-opengl-files

  1. Once completed, check whether the module is loaded
    $ lsmod | grep nvidia
    if not loaded try to manually load
    $ modprobe nvidia

  2. Query GPU info
    $ nvidia-smi

  3. Start lightdm back
    $ service lightdm start

  4. reboot

Install CUDA

  1. Download CUDA 7.5 local repo from ( ). Choose deb(local) installer type.

  2. Install CUDA local repo
    $ sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu*.deb
    $ sudo apt-get update

  3. Install cuda toolkit only
    $ sudo apt-get install cuda-toolkit-7-5

  4. Set PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in /etc/profile.d and you may also need to configure ldconfig in /etc/

  5. Try to compile deviceQuery

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