got stuck at “Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit”

If you can’t get to the login page (booting gets stuck at “Wait for Plymouth Boot Screen to Quit”) after CUDA driver installation, then it’s probably because the kernel is trying to load xorg.conf created by NVIDIA driver. I got this experience in my laptop that has Intel + NVIDIA GPUs running CentOS 7.

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error: “Oh no! Something has gone wrong.”

If the above message suddenly comes up in your screen after CUDA driver installation in RedHat/CentOS/Fedora OS, don’t be panic. This is happened because of xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-gl package, which is part of cuda-drivers dependencies. I got this experience in my laptop that has Intel + NVIDIA GPUs. I guess it’s because the Intel GPU is the primary GPU in my laptop, and for RedHat/CentOS/Fedora there’s no a kind of official Optimus technology, like in Windows.

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instalasi font pada fedora 8

Bila anda merasa font-font pada fedora tampak kurang menarik, anda dapat menambahkan font-font yang biasa anda temui di windows ke dalam fedora. Berikut cara menambahkan font pada fedora 8:

1. download webcore-fonts-3.0-1.noarch.rpm dan msttcorefonts-1.3-4.noarch.rpm

2. install chkfontpath (sebagai root)

# yum install chkfontpath

3. install msttcorefonts yang sudah didownload

# rpm -ivh --nodeps msttcorefonts-1.3-4.noarch.rpm

4. install  webcore-fonts yang sudah didownload

# rpm -ivh --nodeps webcore-fonts-3.0-1.noarch.rpm

5. lalus restart xfs sservice

# /sbin/service xfs restart

Complete !!

maen CUDA2.0an di fedora 8 : instalasi

Proses instalasi (sebagai root):

1. download NVIDIA’s CUDA Development Tools, yang terdiri dari

  • NVIDIA CUDA Display Driver :
  • CUDA Toolkit :
  • CUDA SDK :


2. Instal NVIDIA CUDA Display Driver dengan langkah-langkah seperti di postingan sblonnya(langkah 2-5).

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instalasi berbagai format file di fedora 8

Berikut ini cara menginstal file-file dengan berbagai format di fedora.

Sebelumnya atur previledge anda sebagai root, salah satu caranya

# su -

kemudian masukkan password root anda.

instalasi file berformat .bin

# chmod +x samplefile.bin

# ./samplefile.bin

instalasi file berformat .run

# chmod +x

# ./

untuk beberapa file driver lebih baik menggunakan Continue reading