[ WeekendProjects ] Upgrading Xperia X10 to Jelly Bean

My wife has an old Sony Xperia X10 phone, it’s an android phone. When she bought it in 2010, the Android version was Eclair (2.1), and it’s never been upgraded before. Now, she let me play around to upgrade the phone. [emoji grinning face]

In its website, Sony only provides official update up to GingerBread (2.3) version. Yeaa, it’s too old really, and actually I want a 4.x version. After searching android ROMs through google, I decided to port the JellyBean (4.1) version. However, since it’s not an official update from Sony, it needs a little bit hacking to make it work in X10. It sounds difficult, indeed.. but actually, it’s a fun weekend project for me. [emoji face with look of triumph]

If you go search through google, there are lot of tutorials on how to upgrade android phones to JellyBean. But the problem is, in Xperia X10, the bootloader cannot be unlocked, while most tutorials out there are for unlocked bootloader phones. Fortunately, FeraLab have successfully managed JellyBean ROM that supports both locked and unlocked bootloaders. Here are the steps to port it to Xperia X10:

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